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Add Dimension to Your Car Photos With Our Acrylic Prints

Our acrylic prints for car photos allow you to highlight all the best features of your favorite images. Order yours today.

How It Works

Step 1: Choose the Size and Style

We have various sizes and shapes and two acrylic widths to choose from.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

You can upload PNG, PSD, JPG, or other file types. Once you've uploaded your image, be sure to proof it.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Once you are happy with the results, simply place your order, and we'll deliver your art right to your home.

Pick Your Ratio

How Much Do Our Acrylic Prints Cost? 
Our acrylic prints come in a wide range of price points, making them accessible at any budget. See individual styles and sizes for exact pricing.

Display Your Car Photography in a Whole New Light

Add shine and depth to all your car photography with our acrylic printing services. We print your car photos directly on acrylic sheets, creating an almost three-dimensional effect, showing off every curve and unique feature of your vehicle.

Because the acrylic protects the image, these prints are fade and water-resistant. This makes them a popular choice for photographers, artists, and individuals looking to showcase their favorite photos.

Our acrylic printing services allow you to showcase your own vehicles, famous car photography, and more. They also make the perfect gift for the avid car enthusiast in your life and will brighten up any room, office, or gallery. If you want to add some gloss to your car art, upload your image and order your acrylic prints today.

Memorialize Any Vehicle With Our Acrylic Prints

Our acrylic prints highlight all your favorite vehicles with unparalleled clarity. Whether it's the first car you ever owned, a vintage car you restored, a car you admire, or your favorite race car, our acrylic prints transform these images into art.
  • Classic and Vintage Cars

    Classic and vintage cars are more than just vehicles. They're moving pieces of history. Our acrylic prints capture the essence of these classics, from the sparkle of chrome bumpers to the intricate patterns of the grilles, and preserve these images for decades.
  • Race Cars

    Our acrylic prints bring the thrill of the track into your home or office. Whether you are an Indy 500 fan or want to honor a famous street racer, our acrylic prints will bring these iconic moments in sports history to life.
  • Luxury Vehicles

    Your luxury vehicles are the epitome of performance, craftsmanship, and style. Whether it's the smooth lines of a Rolls-Royce or a bold Lamborghini, our prints illustrate the luxury and power these vehicles embody.
  • Car Photographers

    When you order acrylic prints of your best work, you can show your clients what is possible and get them excited about working with you. This can make it easier to land high-paying clients so that you can spend more time on your work.
  • Car Dealerships

    As a car dealer, you are not just selling a vehicle. You are selling a lifestyle. Our acrylic prints draw attention to all the features that make these vehicles stand out and allow your customers to envision themselves in their dream vehicles.

The Perfect Gift for Car Lovers

If you have a car enthusiast in your life, surprise them with a custom acrylic print of their favorite vehicle. Whether it's a car they own or the vehicle they've been dreaming of, it will make any celebration much better.

What Our FaceMount Acrylic Prints Offer

  • Choice of Acrylic Depth: By offering both 2mm and 4mm acrylic options, artists and curators can fine-tune the visual impact of their artwork. While the 2mm acrylic offers a minimalist appeal, the 4mm version enhances the image's perceived depth, creating an almost three-dimensional effect.
  • Brilliance & Clarity: The direct mounting of a print behind acrylic enhances its color vibrancy, contrast, and sharpness. The material's clear and glossy nature amplifies the artwork's luminosity, presenting it in its best light, unparalleled by traditional framing methods.
  • Sturdy Dibond Backing: The 3mm Dibond backing, a composite of aluminum and polyethylene, provides the artwork with rigidity and durability. It ensures the piece remains flat, avoids warping over time, and imparts a refined finish to the rear side of the artwork.
  • Floating Aluminum Subframe: Beyond just structural support, the floating aluminum subframe serves as an elegant hanging system.

This subframe allows the artwork to appear as if it's floating or hovering a short distance away from the wall, lending a sophisticated and modern touch to its display. The floating effect not only adds a dimension of depth but also emphasizes the artwork as the centerpiece, free from distractions.

In essence, the facemount printing on acrylic plexiglass with Dibond backing and a floating aluminum subframe is a harmonious blend of art and engineering, designed for those who seek an elevated presentation for their cherished artworks. This method ensures the artwork is not only protected and preserved but is also displayed in a manner that enhances its intrinsic beauty.

Why Choose Acrylic Printing for Car Photography?

At Autojizz.com, we believe that your car photos deserve the best. When you choose acrylic printing, we can help you make every detail of your images stand out. Our acrylic prints:

  • Add 3-D depth to your images
  • Enhance the color depth and vibrance of car photographs
  • Showcase the sleek design and unique color of each vehicle
  • Add a glossy, modern look to your car art
  • Increase the longevity of your print
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Look great in any room

Want to learn more about the benefits of acrylic printing for car photography? Contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

Give Your Car Photos the VIP Treatment

Bring your car photography to the next level when you invest in glossy, exquisitely detailed acrylic prints. Order yours today.
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