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HD Metal (Portrait)

Ignite Your Walls with Autojizz HD Metal Prints

Get ready to fuel your passion for cars with our Autojizz HD Metal Prints!


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High-Octane Visuals: Turn your car photos into adrenaline-fueled masterpieces with our High-Definition Metal Prints. The fusion of intense printing, premium materials, and the depth of your images creates an effect that'll leave your guests gasping for air—just like a turbocharged engine.

Slick and Shiny: Each Metal Print is a sleek marvel, engineered to elevate your walls with a dose of automotive allure. Our high-definition metal printing technology delivers colors so vibrant they'll make your paint job blush and shine so mesmerizing it'll have your neighbors doing double takes.

Vibrancy: Your colorful and high-contrast images will explode with exceptional depth of color thanks to our latest printers equipped with fluorescent ink.

Archival & Durable: Our HD Metal Prints are built to last, combining well-developed thermal sublimation technologies with robust aluminum materials and human care.

Modern Finish: Choose from a back floating frame or shadow box frame to display your high-definition sublimated aluminum print. We offer a range of printing options to suit your style.

Scratch Resistant: The image is fully infused into the coating, providing permanent protection and award-winning durability & longevity, ensuring your masterpiece stays pristine for years to come.

Lightweight - Ease of Installation: Extremely rigid and highly durable, the assembled aluminum panels are lightweight and easy to install, so you can showcase your ride without breaking a sweat.

Easy to Clean: The high-definition ChromaLuxe surface is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, ensuring your print remains as pristine as the day it arrived.

Unleash the Beast in Your Photos: Rev up your space, drop jaws, and make your car buddies green with envy with Autojizz HD Metal Prints. Because when it comes to showcasing your ride, only the best will do.

Fuel Your Passion: Whether you're a gearhead or just appreciate the beauty of automotive art, Autojizz HD Metal Prints lets you bring your passion for cars to life. Turn your walls into a gallery of speed, style, and automotive excellence—because life's too short for boring decor.

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